Hannah Bailey
 Ian is amazing! Since 2014 I've attended numerous Team Leader training courses that Ian has lead within ALD Automotive Ltd and the way he delivers the training is really accessible by all and he makes every effort to involve everyone too. The materials that I've used with Ian are adjustable to the candidate/trainee too which reflects the way he delivers training - he's very aware that what may work for one person may not work for another and he strikes this balance really well. He's the best trainer I've experienced in a work place environment and would recommend him to all! Ian has a personality that stands out in a very good way, including his sense of humour! His memory is also brilliant especially when it comes to his candidates and it's these small things that help him stand out (he remembers the first time that we met that I'd just got engaged - I've now been married for over two years!) It's clear that he invests in his trainees, whether they are there for one session or ten! There's also no question that he takes time to know the business he's working for at a higher level too.  
Gillian Tait
 Ian is a hugely professional, highly credible, personable individual who achieves outstanding results for his clients and students -along with that he is a joy to work with!! We would highly recommend Ian to any organisation looking for a business focused individual who goes the extra mile. 
Wayne Mannering
 Ian provided structure and guidance to group study sessions, and I am convinced that his support enabled the group to achieve their aims within the tight timescales demanded. His enthusiasm and sense of humour bring some much needed relief to what can sometimes be a very dry subject. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian's services, and have enjoyed working with him. 
Douglas Murray
 Ian has an excellent style of presentation and an ability to keep his audience engaged throughout.  
Paul Spink
 I worked with Ian on a recent regulated financial services training delivery project and found his enthusiasm for training & development infectious. Ian has a unique style and very quickly builds rapport and gains the trust of delegates and others around him. He is highly credible with a passion for seeing others develop and I for one am looking forward to working with Ian again.  
Russ Boulton
 Ian uses his fantastic personality to deliver training in an exceptionally effective manner. The first course I had with Ian, I entered the class expecting an interesting but long three days. Very quickly after meeting Ian I realised these three days weren’t going to be like other courses. I have since had further training days with Ian and upon entering the room and realising it was Ian leading the day again I honestly was relieved and pleased to see him. The course content with Ian is very good, but Ian is the differentiating factor in delivering and making the content applicable/memorable. I can’t recommend Ian highly enough.  
Vladimir Sidorov
 I was attended on the People management course leaded by Ian. The course took 2 days but it worth it! The course was not boring as people may think. The Ian's way to give the material has impressed me a lot. He managed to keep the group focused on for the whole time by involving the people into the training process and sharing his huge Manager's experience. He knows and what he talks about. Whole information, every word he said been received and understood completely owing to his manner of presenting the material and charisma.
I will definitely use the knowledge and experience achieved during the Ian's course in my further career and the normal life. 
Riaz Hassan BA, DipFA
  undertook a Fast-Track route in obtaining the IFS Diploma and Ian at the time provided valuable support and training, which allowed me to pass every exam i sat first time. This was a great achievement considering that i had never worked in the regulated sales environment before. I could not have achieved this without Ian's continued support as a trainer and mentor. I would highly recommend him to other organisations / individuals.   
Adrian Perry
 Ian mentored and coached a group of 15 or so students through qualification to IFS Diploma level 4. The pass rate was 100%. Much of the credit for this achievement was down to the way Ian led the group. The class was very diverse in terms of experience and varied from mortgage advisers through to line managers. Ian's approach was to make the subject interesting and engender a culture of support between students. I would recommend Ian highly to any organisation. He goes the extra mile in providing support and clearly cares. These are rare qualities and are reflected in his results. 
Natalie Whitehead
 I have attended 4 revision sessions with Ian for my Level 3 Certificate in Retail Banking Conduct of Business. He was a pleasure to work with, made the course materials far less daunting and really made revision so much more manageable! This especially as it is a long time since I’ve sat an exam. I can’t recommend him enough for his enthusiasm, wicked sense of humour, and relatability. 
Willy Lenaerts
 I met Ian in a "Customer Awareness" course and was immediately taken by his positive attitude. Ian's openness and the way he opened himself towards the participants of the course drew everybody into the subject. As a commercial and communications expert, Ian shares his expertise with pleasure and he definitively enjoys himself by doing so. Ian’s enthusiasm is so contagious that everybody joins the discussions. Ian has a very warm, humorist and sometimes (positive) sarcastic way of presenting things. So down to earth and yet enlightening. I am glad that I met Ian and hope to work with Ian again in the near future. 
Kerri Dobie
 I attended a 2 day underwriting course at BSA last week that Ian presented. The course was thoroughly engaging and informative. Ian’s style of training is unique, enthusiastic and entertaining and he takes a real interest in the candidates to provide a more personal experience. I gained valuable knowledge about underwriting and ways to minimise risk as well as the scale of the overall mortgage market and its contribution to the economy. Thank you for your time Ian.  
David McLaughlin
 Ian is the best coach/trainer I have had the pleasure of working with, and being coached by, in over 20 years of sales roles. I would highly recommend him for any sales and/or management training and development you may be considering  
Jonathan Young
 Ian is a truly inspirational trainer who is able to enthuse his audience regardless of the subject matter and regardless of the level of experience of the delegates. He has a high level of integrity and is an exceptionally reliable and trustworthy individual.  
Hannah Whickman
 I have had training with Ian for over a year on a leading people programme. Ian has been the best trainer I have ever seen, he makes training fun and uses examples from his life to explain leadership and management. From taking the course with Ian, he has helped me to develop and strengthen my confidence and self esteem, something I can never thank him enough for. He is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to complete another course with him. Thank you!  
Jordan Priestley
 I came to meet Ian whilst taking part in a pilot group of advisers working for HSBC, challenged with the task of achieving Diploma Level 4 in only 9 months. Ian worked alone in providing the group face to face training, one to one workshops and training sessions and always had the time to pick up the phone inside and outside of working hours. He was able to adapt his learning style to ensure the full group remained focused with the challenge at hand. His extreme professionalism, expert knowledge, adaptive training techniques, and very kind nature ensured a first class experience. Thanks to Ian all 20 advisers passed 1st time.  
Richard C Booth FPFS
 I had the opportunity of working with Ian on the HSBC IFS pilot - this was a test and learn for the introduction of the DipFA programme which involved placing 20 individuals through this 9 month course. Ian was responsible for the face to face training throughout the 9 month period and he was able to easily translate the subject matter into understandable segments suited to the individual learner. He also ran, at his suggestion, telephone training sessions on particular topics for those that were finding the intensive nature of this pilot difficult. I am pleased to say the pilot was a complete success and there was a 100 % pass rate. Without Ian's personal contribution and interventions I can personally state that this would not have happened and I would like to take this opportunity for formally thank him for his efforts.